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Served with a Smile

“80’s Poppers”

House-made baked brown rice, spinach & cheeze bite sized delights

“Purple Rain”

Mesclun spring mix, cherry tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, shredded purple cabbage, lime basil vinaigrette

“Twisted Sister”

NYC style salted pretzel

“Just Can’t Get Enough”

Mashed potato in a crispy crust aka Coney Island Knish

“Walk like an Egyptian”

House-made creamy hummus w/warm pita or raw carrots

“The Three Amigos”

Rustic crostini topped w/bruschetta and mango salsa

“Welcome to the Jungle”

Grape leaves stuffed w/rice, herbs & spices

“Corn in the USA”

​Freshly harvested sweet corn on the cob grilled to perfection

“Bizarre Love Triangle”

Baked mini pies stuffed with spinach and onions


Saucy eggplant baked in a roll

“Cabbage Patch Kids”

Cabbage stuffed w/rice, herbs & spices cooked in a tomato broth


Served with Veggie Chips and Pickles

“It Takes Two”

House-made twin burger sliders w/choice of: avocado spread & house special sauce
​or s
weet BBQ sauce & ‘bread & butter’ pickles

 “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”

House-made carrot frank seasoned to excellence. Topped w/choice of: fermented sauerkraut, ketchup & mustard or ketchup & mango salsa

“You Spin Me Round”

Personal pizza w/San Marzano tomato basil sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. Add on: various toppings

“Robbie Dupree”

House-made sliders w/romaine lettuce, sweet bread & butter pickles, Choice of: Russian dressing or BBQ sauce on a baguette
Add on: a
vocado and/or mozzarella!

“Abe Froman”

House-made Italian style seitan sausage topped
w/peppers and onions on Italian bread

“Space Balls”

House-made meatballs drenched in house-made tomato basil sauce on a baguette.
Add on: mozzarella!

“The Breakfast Club”

House-made cashew cream cheese, house-made golden beet lox, tomato, red onion, capers on an everything bagel

“Let’s Hear it for the Boy”

House-made oat & walnut meat Po’ Boy! Topped w/lettuce, tomato, pickles and vegenaise on crispy French bread.  Add on: avocado and/or cheeze!


House-made breaded and baked seitan cutlets drenched in house-made tomato basil sauce on a rustic Italian bread

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